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Produced by Brian Keane and Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Kelebek ( The Butterfly )

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music composed by Brian Keane and Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Brian Keane and Omar Faruk Tekbilek met more than two decades ago when Brian Keane discovered Omar playing in a club in New York, and hired him to play on his score to the Suzanne Bauman documentary about the art of the Ottoman Empire “Suleyman the Magnificent” in 1987. German record company owner Eckart Rahn noticed the music when the program aired and released the soundtrack on his Celestial Harmonies label. Their collaboration would grow to become among the most influential in both Eastern and Western music, pushing the boundaries of musical, spiritual, and geographical traditions. Since their initial work together, Brian Keane has become a Grammy winning record producer of over 100 records, and a multiple Emmy award winning film and television composer of over 400 films, while Omar Faruk Tekbilek has grown to become an international recording artist and concert musician, and one of the most well known and influential Turkish musician’s in the world. Over the years, Omar and Brian have continued to work together, with Brian serving as producer and a composer on many of Omar’s recordings, and Omar making the occasional appearance on Mr. Keane’s film scores. Their last record collaboration together however, was the 1993 classic recording “Beyond The Sky” and their 1990 record “Fire Dance” was nominated for a Grammy.
With the Kelebek ( The Butterfly ) soundtrack, film producer Mahmut Bengi has brought Brian Keane and Omar Faruk Tekbilek together once again to create the music to this mystical and tragic story. The result is remarkable and moving.

The score to Kelebek effortlessly flows from East to West, from orchestral score to traditional Turkish music, and into electronic sound design. The music moves just as effortlessly between moods, from mystical to tragic to suspense to folkloric or romantic. Whether it is the fusion of Jazz and red hot Middle Eastern musicianship of “On the Move”, the beautiful melodic and harmonic East West mixtures of “Yusuf’s Theme”, and “Zeynep’s Romance”, the Turkish folk meets American roots music of “Teacher”, the simple and honest oud and guitar collaboration on “Brother to Brother”, the new age orchestra and spiritual Ney of “Butterfly”, the moving and tragic “Yusuf Prays/ Lost Souls” that employs Omar’s older brother Haci Ahmet Tekbilek on Duduk with an orchestral adagio, Omar’s haunting vocals over a multi layered Harmonium and Glass bed in “Losing Hope”, the bizarre and wonderful combination of Richard Hunter’s amazing harmonica playing with traditional Middle Eastern folk music in “Street Fair” (based on the Azeri folk song “Menim Canimsan” ), or the Dervish updated to hip hop/ electronic trance “Deep Blue”, Brian and Omar continue to push the boundaries of musical tradition while simultaneously demonstrating a respect and affection for those traditions and their spiritual origins. Now in their mid fifties, Brian and Omar have continued growing in their own world’s as prominant master musicians. This special two CD soundtrack album for Kelebek ( The Butterfly ) serves notice that their friendship and musical collaboration also continues to grow, and is truly enduring.

Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Ney, Kavala, Vocals, Baglama, Jura, Bendir, Darbuka, Def, Udu drum, Davul, Percussion, Zurna, Oud on “Losing Hope”.
Brian Keane – Guitars, Synthesizers, Keyboards, Harp, Harmonium, Bass, Drum programming, Percussion.
Ara Dinkjian – Oud, Sazbuz, Cumbuz
Haci Ahmet Tekbilek – Duduk, Mey
Hasan Isakkut – Kanun, Violin solos
Dincer Dalkilic – Rebab
Richard Hunter – Harmonica
Orchestra principles:
Dan Culpepper – French Horns
Marshall Coid – Violin
Bob Zubrycki – Violin
Roxanne Bergman – Violin
Kurt Coble – Violin
Jill Jaffe – Viola
Dan Barrett – Cello
Rich Sosinsky – Contrabass
Orchestrated, arranged, and conducted by Brian Keane.
Don Wallace – Copyist
Ann Marie Pascale – Contractor
Music recorded March and April 2009, at Little Big Feet Studios, Monroe, Ct., USA. Engineered by Jeff Frez-Albrecht, Tommy Skarupa, and Keith Chirgwin, assisted by Dylan Keane. Digital media supervision by Jeff Frez – Albrecht. Music editing, additional mixing, premixing, and premastering by Keith Chirgwin. Music mixed by Brian Keane.
Mastered by Ça?lar Türkmen  SESTREM Studios

Brian Keane compositions and arrangements are published by Brian Keane Music ASCAP. Omar Faruk Tekbilek compositions and arrangements are published by Faruk the Sultan Music BMI.

Produced by Brian Keane and Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Executive Producer : Tayfun Medeni

Cover art to be filled in: Ömer Çiçek

Graphic design: Seref Ince

Special thanks to Mahmut Bengi, Ofer Ziv and Gate Productions, The musicians, The staff at Brian Keane Music Inc., the cast and crew of “Kelebek”, The staff at Z.E.T. Muzik Yapim, Ulas Agce, Mert Medeni, Suzan Tekbilek and the Tekbilek family, Dylan Keane and the Keane family, and Olga.



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